Top 10 Best Plumbing Tips For Homeowners

DIY Plumbing Tips

Most of us ignore plumbing problems because it can be a daunting task mostly because it requires skill. General plumbing maintenance on your property requires time, effort, and energy. However, every home needs a good functioning plumbing, heating & drainage system. An efficient plumbing system is an essential part of any home.

Knowing how your home’s plumbing system works can help you solve small problems that may crop up. This can save you the cost of hiring a plumber and the embarrassment after calling a plumber for very small reason or no reason at all. Below you will find some of the most popular plumbing tips for homeowners.

Top Ten Plumbing Tips

Here are some of the best plumbing tips for homeowners to consider:

Know Where Your Mains Water Stop Tap Is Located – Any minor plumbing mishap can lead to an indoor flooding incident. If you care about your furniture and carpets, make sure you and the other people in your property know the exact location of the mains water supply cut-off.

Check For Drainage Leaks Using Colour – Add some food colouring to your toilet cistern tank to check for leaks and water loss. If you notice any staining in your toilet bowl after 30 minutes, this would indicate that you have a slow escape of a water, probably around the flush valve seal. It’s cheap and easy to fix, as long as it is detected early enough.

Often Check Your Water Meter Dials – When nobody is using water and the dials are active or spinning, then something is wrong. The chances are that you might have a leak somewhere that you are not aware of. Check all your taps or showers for dripping. Also check toilet cisterns or toilet bowls for continuous running water. These are the usual suspects.

Have Basic Replacement Parts In The Home – Toilet maintenance kits and rubber gaskets are cheap and can be readily replaced by homeowners themselves without seeking expensive professional help. Learn how to use them and always ensure you have them in stock.

Water Heater Tank Maintenance – Invest in a tank-less water heater / boiler if you can afford to. It is a definite upgrade that will reduce energy bills. However, if you still have the model with a tank attached or a tank in the loft or attic, drain some water from it at least twice a year to avoid sedimentation and improve energy efficiency.

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners – Chemical drain cleaners can adversely shorten the life of your pipes and drains. To unclog pipes and drains, use a plunger. For stubborn clogs, use a plumbing auger. It is a rotor built clog removal tool also known as the plumbers snake.

Always Have A Plunger – A plunger is a very cheap and efficient tool, and can manage basic plumbing issues like clogged sinks and toilets with ease. It’s a must have tool in every home and can be used to unclog toilets, sinks and other types of drainage.

Prevent Frozen Pipes – It is a good idea to keep a small drip of water running during the winter. Especially in extremely cold winters. Moving water needs much colder temperatures to freeze and also takes a lot longer. You can also try wrapping your pipes with plumbing insulation in areas that could potentially be exposed to low or freezing temperatures.

Avoiding Stuck Or Faulty Valves – Faulty or non working valves are a severe plumbing issue that could cost you a lot of money. It can be prevented by ensuring that your valves don’t seize or lock up over time. Don’t forget to open and close all your water and drainage valves, twice every year without fail to keep them working just fine.

Try To Isolate An Issue Locally – Closing off the whole water supply to handle a minor issue can be a significant pain. You can prevent this by locating the local or point-of-use isolation valves for all your toilets, sinks & basins. Also, ensure that everybody in the house also know these points.

A local plumber will be happy to take care of any and all plumbing requirements you may face in your home. However, with these top 10 best plumbing tips for homeowners, You will only have to call a plumber when a serious issue arises.

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  1. Thanks for posting this blog. I read the whole blog and I learned a lot of ideas. It is very important to hire the best service for you in order to fix your problem successfully. I hope you post more blogs so that we can learn more.

  2. Thanks for posting this blog. I read the whole blog and I learned a lot of ideas. It is very important to hire the best service for you in order to fix your problem successfully. I hope you post more blogs so that we can learn more.

  3. This is a really informative post thumbs up. I also have a suggestion as given by incredible plumbers at “Pro Serve Plumbing”. They were kind enough to tell me a tip if I ever had a clogged drain and needed to do an immediate action. Just take boiling hot water and mix some vinegar with it then pour it into the effected area. It is an expert’s opinion and surely worked for me I really hope it works for others too!


  4. Sometimes in winter, my bathrooms cold water freeze up and nothing comes out until the weather gets a little warmer. What is the exact cause even my toilets freeze up the kitchen water always works why? Thank you

  5. Regular maintenance always comes handy when it comes to preventing unwanted plumbing issues. And when someone owns a home, dealing with plumbing problems is not just a matter of calling the landlord. If a person knows the basics of plumbing, then he does not need to call a plumbing professional either. He can prevent and fix many typical issues on his own and save his notecase. I know improving home plumbing system is not the exciting one. But doing the necessary improvements will save money and provide a peace of mind.

  6. I like what you said about checking for drainage leaks. Plumbing maintenance is vital for your home. If I were to need such services, I would hire the best plumber in town.

  7. Thanks for the plumbing tips for homeowners. I like that you mentioned that you should have basic replacement parts in your home. I think it would also be smart to know of a good plumbing service that you could call if something did happen so you could get it fixed quickly.

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  9. Having the basic important tools of the plumbing is very important as if need occurs you can repair it by yourself without waiting the plumber but from my opinion the plumber have a better knowledge and experience available.

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