5 Ways on How to Increase your Water Pressure

Starting your day with a weak shower is unsatisfying. Well, while sometimes you just have to learn to live with low water pressure, you should give your guest or family members the joy of using high water pressure. Low water pressure can easily ruin your reputation as a host with the most! Therefore you have to resolve your low water pressure issues and achieve a healthy water flow for you and your future house guests. This can be achieved by trying the following solutions provided by Aquatek Plumbers in Romford, varying from extensive projects to quick fixes.

Contact your Neighbors First

Contacting your neighbours will help you understand if they are also experiencing the same problem. If so, then the issue might be with the city municipal water system. Same to your house piping system, the municipal water system is also subject to clogs, leaks, corrosion and buildups.

Test your Water Pressure

If the problem only exists within your home, then it’s a call to action. However, before calling your plumber, you should test the city water pressure by yourself using a functioning test gauge having a hose connection. Simply screw the gauge onto a hose faucet and then turn on your tap. Make sure all your water-using equipment and faucets, including your washing machine and dishwasher, are switched off. According to professionals, a 45 to 50 psi is lower while 60 is good reading and 80 and above being too high. After ruling or confirming that it’s a citywide water pressure problem, you can now take the next step.

Clear the Clogs

With time, your pipes will develop a mineral deposit buildup. In extreme cases, the pipe’s diameter decreases, leading to full pipe clogs, thus preventing water from properly flowing through. This is the case when you notice only a pitiful drip in your shower or a paltry trickle from your faucet. While such an extreme case will require you to replace some sections of your pipe, you can still take care of clogs by dissolving all the minerals gumming up proper function within your faucet showerheads and fixtures. Vinegar is the best option in unclogging your systems exist points.

Open Wide

This next solution will require more than just a few minutes of analytical work. Every home has a main water valve mostly located near the water meter. It’s responsible for controlling water flow into the home’s pipes. Check the valve and see if it is entirely open. At times the valve can accidentally turn off, especially during routine repairs as well as maintenance without your knowledge. This can be the leading cause of low water pressure. Luckily, adjusting the valve is straightforward and calling a plumber is not necessary.

Replace your Water Regulator

Many of the homes relying on public water will have a regulator located where the service lines enter your home or within the meter. This is to ensure water will not rush through your pipes. Once the regulator malfunctions, the pressure will gradually drop, causing velocity loss which affects some or even all the fixtures within your home. To solve such a problem, replace or rest the regulator. You can choose to carry out the task if you have the knowledge or better yet seek the services of a plumber.

Trying out these simple but effective solutions will ensure your water pressure is restored to normal or even better.

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  1. Good advice. I always try to get my customers to do their troubleshooting first.
    I don’t just like taking their money for jobs they could easily do!
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