Handmade Tiles From Spain & Morocco – Original Hand Painted Spanish & Moroccan Tiles

Fabulous Rhythmic Patterned Tiles

That summer holiday may already be a distant memory, but some hazy recollection of glorious, sun-soaked interiors could be lingering. How about bringing some of that cool, glazed pattern into your bathroom or kitchen at home with Moroccan and Mediterranean patterned tiles?

Many of the most beautiful decorative tiles create a loud, rhythmic pattern across a large surface area. This can be striking, but also overwhelming. Think about using only six or eight as a splash back above a basin. Or displaying a neat column of four inside a fireplace’s cast-iron insert. Or consider alternating them with plain white tiles. When using for floors, keep the rest of your scheme low-key, with grey or neutral walls.

These tiles can also look great framed. Set them in recesses or alcove so they have a clear stop and start. You could create a frame using wood or architrave which you can paint. A splash back behind an oven, a bath panel, chimney breast cavity or displayed symmetrically in a picture frame on the wall. Use blue and white tiles to give a period feel in a kitchen by putting them behind a range or Aga.

How Moroccan Tiles Are Made

For a great selection of original hand painted Spanish & Moroccan tiles, we found an excellent website called Colours of Morocco, a Europe-based online shop offering a wide range of original wares straight from Morocco. They also have a lovely selection of pottery sinks, copper sinks & brass faucets.

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