Reveal Your Plumber Skills With This Puzzle Game

In the hottest desert water is a scarce resource. A little flower needs water to survive. Construct a pipeline and bring water to save the flower. Reveal your Plumber skills in this free puzzle game.

Simply turn the different pipe pieces by touching them and connect all of them to make a complete pipe (that’s the work of a plumber!) and make the water reach the flower!

There is no time limit but you have limited moves for each round and you have to save the flower before running out of moves (touching 1 pipe = 1 movement). So think about a good plumbing strategy before you start working on the pipeline. Good tactics are crucial!

Plumber is available from the Google Play Store

3 thoughts on “Reveal Your Plumber Skills With This Puzzle Game”

  1. Great game! Fun and addicting. Just started, so the rooms are not real challenging, but am sure it will get more difficult as I continue to advance. Thanks for a great game!

  2. Plumber is everything you would expect from a puzzle game. Challenging enjoyable for hours of play. I was pleasantly surprised by this app enjoyable music. That allows to relax and think. ?????

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