CCTV Drain Survey Cost in the UK

Pipes and drains are always available in most buildings because of the various purposes they serve, and sometimes they develop issues that must be addressed quickly. This is why a surveys for drains is essential, especially when CCTV does it. Drain survey usually goes hand in hand with drain inspections. A CCTV drain survey maps out all the drains in your property and identifies the drains you’re responsible for maintenance. It can also be used to identify problematic areas of the drainage system when your drain is continuously producing bad odour or blockages.

Drain survey cost

CCTV drain survey cost has evolved with the evolution of the technology, and with it, the cost has changed. Technological advancements have led to the production of cameras that can reach far and wide, which makes the survey process simpler. The cameras are also cheaper even though they are more advanced, and that has helped reduce the cost of the surveys. You should, therefore, hire a company that uses advanced cameras.

The survey cost differs with every company, but the average cost is between 200 and 350 pounds. You must ask the company you’re hiring for a quote to get a more definitive cost estimate. Most companies estimate the price depending on several factors. Such as when the survey has to be done and the area to be covered. Some companies charge more during weekends than during weekdays.

When is a survey necessary?

If you have been experiencing drainage blockage problems that continue even if you try to fix them, then you will need a CCTV drain survey done on your property. However, one blockage that is easily fixed in one attempt doesn’t require a survey.

Another scenario that may require a drain survey is when you’re planning to extend your property. However small the extension may be, you will need to map out the drainage areas to avoid problems after construction begins.

If you have water leaks or you suspect that your drainage may be broken, but you’re not sure then a survey can help you solve the problem by showing you the exact location of the problem. Similarly, if you’re sure about the length of a pipe, but you want to re-align it, you can ask for a drain survey.

A good company will always give you a comprehensive survey report that contains the following:

  • The condition of all the drains connected to your property.
  • Images and/or videos of the drains
  • A map of the drainage system

The survey process usually takes at least 45 minutes, but a detailed company may take up to 1 hour to get a more comprehensive report.


Some companies will charge hourly fees while others charge a fixed rate. It’s essential to get clarity on that and every other payment-related issue, including payment period. Avoid paying the full amount upfront and choose a company that has a reputation of being thorough in their processes. Taking proper care of your drain and having regular inspections can help you avoid the need for a CCTV survey, but you should still try to have a survey done occasionally.

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