Gas Central Heating To Be Removed From Every UK Home By 2050

If your home is fitted with gas central heating, you may soon be forced to have it removed or replaced under new government plans. Energy regulator Ofgem, the government regulator for gas and electricity markets in the UK has unveiled plans to remove gas central heating from all homes by 2050.

The new net-zero government action plans to cut the amount of greenhouse gases being pumped into the atmosphere.

Ofgem has warned that households face a huge shake-up of how they use energy over the next 30 years, and parliament are promising to slash the UK’s emissions by 80 per cent by 2050 and the government have already revealed last year that gas boilers and hobs will be banned in all new-build homes from 2025.

Some households are already electricity-only, making use of storage heaters in place of radiators to generate warmth. However, Ofgem said it could look at different ways of making homes electric by using electricity to power heat pumps or gas boilers could also be upgraded to run with carbonized gas like the new prototype hydrogen boiler from Worcester Bosch.