How to Remove a Radiator for Decorating

Step by step guide to removing a central heating radiator UK

  • Turn off the power supply to the boiler and shut off the valves each side that control the flow and return of water to the radiator.

  • Open the bleed valve located on the top of the radiator and drain the excess pressurised water from the radiator. Use a towel or bucket to catch the water (if any) that may come out.

  • Loosen one side of the radiator valve nuts that attach the valve to the radiator and drain the remaining water into a tub or tray.

  • Completely remove the radiator valves from the radiator by loosening the nuts that hold them in place. Use a pipe wrench or adjustable spanner to do this.

  • Once the valves are removed from the radiator, carefully lift the radiator off the wall brackets and take it out of the room.

  • Clean up any water or debris that may have spilled during the removal process.
    Once the old radiator is removed, you can install the new radiator by reversing the steps above.

  • Note: Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for any specific radiator or additional safety precautions for your specific location or system.

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